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Former CashCalc employees reunite to solve the integration issue

29/02/24 · Download press release (.pdf)

New industry start-up ZeroKey today announced that former CashCalc employees are behind its mission to integrate technology and help financial advisers eliminate the need to manually key data.

Between 2014 and 2020, cashflow planning tool CashCalc grew from start-up to the UK’s market leader with a 44% market share. In 2021, they were recognised as one of the world’s most innovative tech companies and later that year were acquired by FE fundinfo.

Today, nearly three years on from its acquisition, key individuals who worked on CashCalc have reunited for a brand-new project. Their aim is to integrate technology and help eliminate the need to manually key data, which is frequently highlighted as a major industry pain point.

ZeroKey is being led by former Chief Marketing Officer, Joseph Williams, along with Chartered Financial Planners, Matt Wiltshire and Aled Phillips. The reason behind the name is to reduce manual data entry from double keying to single keying to zero keying.

They wish to achieve this by offering ready-made integrations that require zero-code. This will enable financial advisers to integrate their entire tech stack, and by doing so they’ll gain easy access to their clients’ data and be able to move it from A to B on demand.

Joseph Williams, co-founder of ZeroKey, said: “Manually keying data into several different systems has been a major industry pain point for way too long. It’s therefore exciting to get the spine of the CashCalc team back together to try and resolve this issue. We have a clear focus on integrating technology and placing client data at the fingertips of financial advisers, so they can move it from A to B with ease and without any manual data entry.”

Matt Wiltshire, co-founder of ZeroKey, added: “So far the solution to the integration issue has been to build open APIs. But this requires technology providers to actually integrate with each other, which they are typically hesitant to do as it poses a commercial risk due to a fear of losing business. But it’s important to remember that client data is owned by the financial adviser and not the technology provider, and this is something ZeroKey will hopefully resolve.”

ZeroKey is expected to launch in the UK during 2024 but is inviting anyone who wishes to find out more to register their interest today. More information about the team behind ZeroKey can also be found on the company’s website (www.zerokey.tech).

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