Goodbye double keying. Hello zero keying. 

ZeroKey is on a mission to integrate technology and eliminate the need for financial advisers to manually key data. Launching 2024 and brought to you by the same people who brought you CashCalc.

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Integrate your entire tech stack

By offering ready-made integrations that require zero-code, financial advisers can integrate their entire tech stack and move their clients' data from A to B with ease.

Eliminate manual data entry 

Our innovative web-extension places client data at the fingertips of financial advisers, so they can quickly move it from A to B without any manual data entry.

Take control of client data 

With an integrated tech stack and easy access to their clients' data, financial advisers can take complete control and move data freely from A to B on demand.

Adopt best of breed technology 

Having access to integrations and the power to move their clients' data from A to B, financial advisers can choose to adopt best of breed technology without restriction or compromise.

Accelerate the integration agenda 

Our mission will lighten the integration burden for technology companies, enabling greater innovation whilst removing a barrier to entry for new tech to enter the market.